The Intensive


This 16-hour, 3-day intensive is designed to prepare anyone to come out of the session a confident barista with knowledge of espresso, milk, latte art, along with plenty of cafe simulations under their belt to get them ready to crush the rush.

3-Day Barista Certification
Capacity: 4 students

This is an all-encompassing course to prime anybody to be able to step behind the bar, regardless of previous experience.

Day 1: We will start with a Seed to Cup presentation which gives excellent background information on what it takes to produce a cup of coffee, as well as all the elements providing each coffee its unique taste. We will then spend the rest of the first day learning milk science, steaming milk and how to manipulate the steam to achieve different textures, and how to pour latte art.

Day 2: The second day will focus on espresso calibration in the morning, complete with espresso tastings and practical calibration application. The second part of the day will consist of beverage construction including ratios, textures, and temperatures.

Day 3: On the third day we will put all the lessons together into bar training, where we will simulate cafe “rushes” and assess the quality of each drink produced during the simulations. We will break down the machine each day to ensure all participants are comfortable with properly cleaning the equipment. After this course each participant will be able to step behind any barista bar and feel comfortable and in full control of the equipment.

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