Signature Coffee Set


Three of our signature coffees in one giftable boxed set


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These offerings are mainstays on our menu. Roasted to be approachable and easy-drinking, it’s no wonder they’re some of our most popular coffees! Each are sourced according to our values of quality, integrity, collaboration, and ethics.


What’s Inside:

60z each

The Daily
Producer: El Paraiso & Villa Esperanza cooperatives | Veloso Family
Tastes Like: chocolate, caramel, marzipan
Our most popular blend, The Daily is blended and roasted to be a balanced and approachable drip coffee, drinkable every day yet complex enough to keep you coming back. A medium roast, it highlights our favorite attributes in coffee, from brightness to body, sweetness to finish.

Producer: Various smallholder farmers
Tastes Like: cocoa, spice, caramel
We created Benchmark to satisfy those customers looking for a rich, smooth, balanced, and robust coffee. Designed to be amazing in milk, Benchmark performs wonderfully as a hearty cup of filter coffee or as the backbone of a lush cappuccino.

Producer: Veloso Family
Tastes Like: dark chocolate, walnut, caramel
Rich, sweet, and comforting, Amsterdam is the perfect drip coffee option for those who seek a darker roast profile.

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