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Our Story

New York's Coffee Since 2003

Our story begins at the corner of Waverly & Gay.

Back in 2003, Joe Coffee founder Jonathan Rubinstein had a simple vision: brew high quality, delicious coffee, and serve it to the neighborhood with warm hospitality. Since our very first cafe opened 20 years ago on that cozy corner of Greenwich Village, our mission has remained the same—to share our unwavering commitment to quality coffee while creating a welcoming space for the community.

Two decades later, we’ve expanded to over 20 cafes throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Westchester, with our very own roastery in Long Island City. As New York's hometown specialty coffee company, we're proud to continue to innovate and lead as the specialty coffee movement expands.

Thoughtfully Sourced,
Expertly Roasted.

We believe that exceptional coffee isn’t just defined by quality, but by the ability to leave a positive impact on the coffee supply stream at each step of the way. We start by forging long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with producers and trusted suppliers who share this vision, and abide by a strong set of sourcing values: quality, ethics, collaboration, and integrity.

Our team of expert roasters roast these carefully sourced coffees in small batches, highlighting the unique qualities inherent in each coffee. We maintain rigorous QC standards at our roastery, cupping representative samples of every coffee we roast throughout the week to ensure that each cup that reaches our customers reflects the care and expertise that we put into roasting it.

Coffee roasting in the roaster

We are committed to sourcing at least 80% of our coffees from Rainforest Alliance certified producers. This means that farmers use methods that support three pillars of sustainability: social, economic, and environmental. Independent, third-party auditors evaluate farmers against requirements in all three areas before awarding or renewing certification.

Because Rainforest Alliance certification extends beyond the farm, all actors in the supply stream, including roasters as the final stewards of the coffee, must adhere to a rigorous set of standards. We’re proud to hold this accountability—it’s an essential part of contributing to a more equitable and sustainable supply stream. Read our Code of Conduct for more.

Our agricultural technician, Erick Lopez, at Los Placeres RFA Cert
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