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chocolate, caramel, molasses


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We designed The Daily to be a balanced and approachable drip coffee, drinkable every day yet complex enough to keep you coming back.

The Daily is built around seasonally fresh components, typically coffees from South and Central America, chosen carefully to bring together our favorite attributes in coffee, from brightness to body, sweetness to finish. Currently, The Daily is made up of coffees from Brazil and Colombia, and provides everything we look for in a satisfying, drink-every-day blend.

12oz bags may come in a different shade of blue temporarily due to supply shortages.

  • Type

  • Origin

    Cerrado, Minas Gerais, Brazil | Guadalupe and Tarqui, Huila, Colombia
  • Producer

    Veloso Coffee | El Paraiso & Villa Esperanza cooperatives
  • Variety

    Caturra, Colombia, Catuaí, Red Catuaí
  • Elevation

    1066–1900 MASL
  • Process

    Natural and Washed

At The Source

This coffee is sourced in part from a special relationship we have built with Veloso Coffee, a family-run operation that has been producing specialty coffees in the Cerrado region of Minas Gerais for decades, embodying the wisdom passed on from generation to generation and embracing sustainable innovation. Alongside their commitment to sustainability, Veloso utilizes the latest advances in coffee farming, like strategic mapping supported by GPS technology, to allow them to manage a harvest schedule precisely aligned with optimum cherry ripening for better quality and water management.

Its sister component, Colombia Huila A, is produced by members of the Villa Esperanza cooperative in Guadalupe and the El Paraiso growers’ association in Tarqui. Growers in these regions are unified by community values that support relentless innovation in quality and environmental sustainability.

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