The Daily


chocolate, caramel, medium body


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We designed The Daily to be a balanced and approachable drip coffee, drinkable every day yet complex enough to keep you coming back.

The Daily is built around seasonally fresh components, typically coffees from South and Central America, chosen carefully to bring together our favorite attributes in coffee, from brightness to body, sweetness to finish. Currently, The Daily is made up of coffees from Guatemala and Colombia, and provides everything we look for in a satisfying, drink-every-day blend.

Freshly Roasted: All orders are roasted on Monday and Thursday and are shipped on the same day. Note that if you order Two-Day Shipping after 7am on any given day, your order will be processed the following roast day. We do this to ensure your coffee arrives to you as fresh as possible!


  • Type


  • Origin


    Huehuetenango, Guatemala | Huila, Colombia
  • Producer


    María Elena Vides | Various Smallholder Farms
  • variety


    Caturra, Catuaí, Bourbon, Typica, Colombia, Pacamara
  • Elevation


    1,300–2,000 MASL
  • Process



At The Source

This coffee is sourced in part from Finca La Bolsa out of Huehuetenango, Guatemala. Founded in 1958 by Jorge Vides, a medical doctor by day and coffee grower by night, the farm gradually became far more than just a hobby farm and is today the winner of numerous awards, including the Guatemala Cup of Excellence. Managed today by María Elena, Jorge’s daughter, the 108-hectare farm grows its coffee within sustainability guidelines alongside neighboring members of the community. In 2012, Finca la Bolsa opened the doors to Association Coffee Care to help to reduce child labor and improve quality of life for coffee pickers and their families, through day care centers and vocational workshops for older children.

Its partner from Colombia is a sweet, clean coffee sourced from different purchasing stations throughout Southern Huila. It is a combination of coffees from emerging farms with whom our supply chain partner, Caravela, has begun developing working relationships. The producers involved are at the beginning of a journey to improve their agronomy, quality, and processing through Caravela’s technical consultation and guidance. This partnership provides many of these farmers a foot in the door towards the elevated level of specialty quality they wish to produce, while allowing coffee roasters an approachable price for a delicious, straightforward Colombian coffee with full traceability. It includes coffees grown at elevations of 1,300–1,800 meters above sea level, primarily made up of Caturra and Colombia varieties harvested year-round.

Coffee seedlings at Guatemala La Bolsa