Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer public classes?

We offer a range of classes from latte art to our month long barista course. Check our Classes page for our class calendar.

Where are your classes taught?

Classes are held at our Pro Shop location at 131 West 21st Street and roasting classes are held at our Long Island City Roastery.

What is your cancellation policy?

We are happy to reschedule or refund tickets up to 7 days before the class date. 

Can I purchase brewing equipment?

Yes! Equipment is available to purchase at a 10% discount on the day of your class.


What does Rainforest Alliance certification entail?

The Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal is awarded to farms, forests, and businesses that meet rigorous environmental and social standards. Approximately 80% of our coffee volume is Rainforest Alliance certified. Learn more about Rainforest Alliance certification here.

How should I store my coffee?

We recommend storing coffee in a cool, dark place. Whole bean coffee can be stored in our bags, which have a one-way gas valve and a zipper for freshness. Ground coffee should always be stored in an airtight container. We don’t recommend refrigerating or freezing coffee.

What brewing methods do you recommend?

Glad you asked! Check out our Brew Guides for recommended brewing methods as well as helpful instructions. You can also shop brew gear on our online store.

What roast levels do you offer?

We tend to roast our coffee on the lighter sidejust enough to highlight the unique flavor profiles inherent in the coffees, which our green buyers meticulously choose at origin. To help you find a coffee that suits your preferences, look out for flavor notes on all of our coffee product pages. If you prefer a darker, bolder coffee, our Benchmark blend is the darkest of our coffees.

What type of process do you use for decaf?

We send our Nightcap coffee to the Descamex Mountain Water Processing facility in Mexico to undergo a clean, chemical-free decaffeination process. The Mountain Water Process is a 100% chemical-free process using pure water, temperature and time to gently remove caffeine from green coffee. This is the cleanest, most natural way to make decaf coffee. Plus, it tastes every bit as delicious.

Where do you roast your coffee?

All of our coffee is roasted in small batches by our team of expert roasters at our roastery in Long Island City. Stop by our roastery cafe and say hello!

I can’t find my favorite single origin coffee online anymore!

Coffee is a seasonal crop, so our menu reflects the seasonality of the coffee growing regions. Coffees from certain regions are only available during certain times of the year, but we have long-standing relationships with many coffee producers and bring back customer favorites year after year. If you’re looking for a coffee to go steady with, we offer delicious blends, which we design with specific flavor profiles in mind.

What is Joe Instant Coffee?

Joe Specialty Instant Coffee is an innovative, instant version of the coffee you know and love from our cafes. We teamed up with Swift Cup Coffee to produce an instant coffee that is carefully brewed to a very flavorful concentrate before being slowly dehydrated by freeze-drying. The result is a concentrated instant coffee that preserves the complexity and delicate flavor profile of the roast, individually packaged so you can bring great coffee wherever you go.


Do you ship internationally?

We are able to ship to Canada by USPS and UPS. For all other international locations, we are able to ship to any address that UPS serves.

What is your return policy?

If you’re unsatisfied with your order for any reason, we are happy to replace or refund. Please contact us for help. For delivery issues, please contact the shipping carrier.

When will my online order roast and ship?

We roast orders Monday through Friday and ship the same day. Note that if you order after 7am on any given day, your order will be processed the following roast day. We do this to ensure your coffee arrives to you as fresh as possible!

Can I subscribe to a specific coffee?

You can subscribe to The Daily, The Waverly, Benchmark, Amsterdam, and Nightcap blends. Our single origin menu rotates seasonally and you can subscribe to a rotating selection of single origin coffees by choosing “Single Origin Selection.”


Can I order coffee for my restaurant, cafe, or office?

Yes, you can! We’re proud to partner with some of the country’s most esteemed restaurants, cafes, and specialty grocers. Learn more about our wholesale program here.


Do you offer coffee catering?

We offer full-service espresso bar catering for fashion shows, weddings, conferences, and more. Our catering team will work with you to organize coffee service for your event, providing excellent coffee, equipment, and friendly baristas. Visit our Catering page for more information or to submit an inquiry.

How about drop-off boxed coffee catering?

We can provide boxed coffee for meetings and events! Learn more here.