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Subtly sweet with a touch of coffee blossom honey, this delicate cold brew latte is perfect for every occasion: from your first coffee of the day to a delightful afternoon pick-me-up. To complement our single origin cold brew, we add an original, creamy oatmilk and a carefully sourced honey from our partners at GloryBee.

Picture stepping foot on a sprawling coffee farm, just when the trees are in full bloom. With our first taste of coffee blossom honey from GloryBee, we were transported to that sweet, intoxicating, one-of-a-kind aroma—and knew we had found just the right light, floral match to our cold brew.

GloryBee is a Certified B Corp honey producer based in the Pacific Northwest, and has crafted high quality honey products for over 45 years. A portion of proceeds from the Honey Oat Latte supports their Save the Bee initiative, directly contributing to projects that provide coffee farmers with bee-keeping skills to develop a secondary source of income through honey production.

Shake lightly before opening. Interested in more Cold Brew Collection? Try the Oat Mocha and Cold Brew

The Perfect Touch of Honey

The benefits of coffee blossom honey don’t just stop at flavor; in addition to generating a secondary source of income for their families in between coffee harvests, bee-keeping coffee farmers also increase their coffee production yield by as much as 50%. All through the power of honey bee pollinators!

Honey bee sitting on a coffee blossom
We see coffee blossom honey as a “win-win” for everyone: with training and capital investments from Save the Bee and their partners, coffee farmers secure an additional, year-round source of income, while also increasing their coffee yield over time.

Behind the Recipe

Madeline Chandler was a barista at our Brooklyn Heights cafe when she noticed an interesting trend: the close-knit Brooklyn community loved sweetening up their morning coffee with a touch of honey. When she got the word that we were launching a new Cold Brew Collection, and selecting a winning recipe through an internal competition, she drew inspiration from her regulars to craft up the crowd-favorite latte.

“One of my favorite things about working in coffee is the ability to build community. I’m someone who is good with names, faces, and orders and I always try to capitalize on that. While at our Brooklyn Heights cafe, I noticed a lot of our regulars would get honey oat iced lattes when they came in. Everyone loved the little bit of sweetness of the drink, and loved using honey instead. After tasting, I realized it was such a simple and pleasing drink. When the drink competition was announced, I decided to go with something I knew people would like, something they’re already drawn to. And I love that every time I drink it, I think of my Brooklyn regulars.”

Madeline Chandler leaning on the counter next to a Honey Oat Latte can

Taking Cold Brew to Great Heights

Deeply satisfying with chocolatey, nutty notes, our customer-favorite cold brew, Great Heights, is the perfect foundation for each of our ready-to-drink collection recipes.

Clear compostable cup of cold brew on a light blue background
Bold and robust, Great Heights was specially crafted to serve as the cold brew in our cafes. Made with coffee from our trusted partners the Veloso family in Minas Gerais, Brazil, this full-bodied roast is also 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified.
Honey Oat Latte can on a kitchen counter Arms holding three Cold Brew Collection cans Hands opening a Honey Oat Latte can
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