Half Moon (Half Caff)


walnut, sticky toffee pudding, vanilla bean


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Whether it’s your first cup of the morning or an afternoon pick-me-up, some moments call for a gentler cup of coffee. That’s where Half Moon comes in: this half-caff blend delivers all the comfort of your favorite coffee with only half the caffeine. To create Half Moon, we pair our beloved decaf offering, Nightcap, in a 50/50 blend with a fully caffeinated coffee from Brazil. The resulting profile is sweet and medium-bodied, with notes of walnut, sticky toffee pudding, and vanilla bean—so delicious you’ll want a second cup!

The decaffeinated component of this coffee is grown by the CORO Organic Coffee Growers in Oaxaca, Mexico, and decaffeinated at Decamex, a water-process decaffeination plant in Mexico.

  • Type

  • Origin

    Cerrado, Minas Gerais, Brazil | Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Producer

    Veloso Family | CORO Organic Coffee Growers
  • Elevation

    1,066-1,500 MASL
  • Process

    Natural | Washed
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