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Our passion for thoughtfully sourced, single origin ingredients doesn’t just stop at coffee. Drawing inspiration from our beloved cafe mocha, this rich and bold on-the-go version is the perfect combination of our single origin cold brew and carefully selected, 100% Ghanaian cocoa from our long-time partner Omanhene. 

More than a decade ago, we began working with Omanhene, who was at the forefront of crafting their specialty cocoa products for the needs of the specialty coffee industry. If you’ve enjoyed a mocha at any of our cafes since then, you’ll know why we chose, without a doubt, to craft our ready-to-drink variety using the very same tried and trusted cocoa.

Omanhene has gone “beyond fair trade” for more than 30 years, with a focus on creating value and profitability at each step of the Ghanaian cocoa supply stream, through long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with producers and processors.

Shake lightly before opening. Interested in more Cold Brew Collection?  Try the Honey Oat Latte and Cold Brew

Single Origin Ghanaian Cocoa

With a focus on single origin production and processing, from bean to bar, in Ghana, Omanhene has served as a leader in the specialty cocoa industry for decades. When we first spoke with founder Steve Wallace, one thing was abundantly clear to us: Omanhene’s values in the cocoa supply stream run deeply parallel to Joe’s coffee sourcing values.

Cacao pods after harvest in a basket
Founded on building long-term, mutually beneficial, and sustainable partner relationships, Omanhene seeks to bring as much value to producers at origin as processors—often in regions far removed from cocoa growers—typically receive, by moving producers up the value chain.
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Taking Cold Brew to Great Heights

Deeply satisfying with chocolatey, nutty notes, our customer-favorite cold brew, Great Heights, is the perfect foundation for each of our ready-to-drink collection recipes.

Clear compostable cup of cold brew on a light blue background
Bold and robust, Great Heights was specially crafted to serve as the cold brew in our cafes. Made with coffee from our trusted partners the Veloso family in Minas Gerais, Brazil, this full-bodied roast is also 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified.
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