What You’ll Need


25g Coffee / 400g Water



Total Brew Time

2:45 - 3:30 minutes
V60 with filter set up on a range server and scale

Step 1

Prep and Preheat

Weigh 25g of coffee and grind on a medium fine setting to a coarseness of sea salt. Then, set up the Hario V60, filter, and decanter (or mug) on the scale and heat 400g of water in the kettle to 208° Fahrenheit (just off boil).

Medium grind coffee shown next to whole beans

Step 2

Wet Filter

Gently pour hot water into the center of the empty filter. Continue pouring in a spiral outwards to rinse the entire filter. Then, empty the water from the vessel, place back onto the scale, and tare to zero.

Pouring water on a filter set in a V60

Step 3

Add Coffee

Add the ground coffee to the V60, ensuring that you add 25g of coffee, then tare the scale to zero.

Pouring coffee grounds into V60 filter

Step 4


Start the timer and add 50g of water to the bed of coffee quickly, in about 10 seconds, ensuring to saturate all of the grounds. Let the coffee bloom for 40 seconds. As the gasses escape, the bed will breathe and expand!

Water saturates coffee grounds in a V60

Step 5

Second Pour

When the timer reads :45, with a gentle flow start pouring in the center and spiral out in concentric circles taking care not to pour down the filter itself. Continue pouring gently in concentric circles spiraling back in towards the center until the scale reads 200g. This should be done by the time the timer reads 1 minute.

pour water

Step 6

Third Pour

When the timer reads 1:30, start the third pour of water and pour until the scale reads 400g.

Water is poured in concentric circles in a V60

Step 7


Drawdown time can vary based on coffee variety and roast degree, but should take between 1:30-2:00, putting your total brew time between 2:45-3:30. After the water has completely passed through the coffee bed, remove the filter and coffee immediately to avoid those overly bitter last drops! Give your coffee a swirl to distribute the sediments before pouring into your cup.

Coffee drips down out of a V60 and is served in a cup

Step 8

Troubleshooting Tips

If ...
- your brew finished after the time goal or tastes bitter, grind coarser
- your brew finished before your time goal or tastes sour, grind finer
- your brew finished in your time goal but is too concentrated/intense/strong, pour more water
- your brew finished in your time goal but is too weak/watery, pour less water
- your brew bed is not flat (peaks and valleys), make sure your water stream is consistent as you pour in concentric circles

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