What You’ll Need


25g Coffee / 400g Water


Medium / Coarse (Sea Salt)

Total Brew Time

2:30 Pour, 0:30-1:00 Drawdown
V60 with filter set up on a range server and scale

Step 1

Prep and Preheat

Weigh 25g of coffee and grind on a medium setting to a coarseness of sea salt. Then, set up the Hario V60, filter, and vessel on the scale and heat 400g of water in the kettle to 208 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 2

Wet Filter

Gently pour hot water into the center of the empty filter. Continue pouring in a spiral outwards to rinse the entire filter. Then, empty the water from the vessel, place back onto the scale, and tare to zero.

Step 3

Add Coffee

Add the ground coffee to the V60, ensuring that you add 25g of coffee, then tare the scale to zero.

Step 4

First Pour

Start the timer and pour 50g of hot water over the coffee, ensuring all the grounds are saturated.

30 sec

Step 5

Second Pour

When the timer reads :30, start pouring in the center and spiral out in concentric circles until you reach the edge. Continue your concentric circles back into the center of the brewer.

30 sec

Step 6

Final Pour

Continue to gently and steadily pour in concentric circles. Maintain the slurry level of about 1” above the coffee bed. You should have added 400g of water by 2:15-2:30.

30 sec

Step 7


Observe with anticipation as the steady stream slows to a drip. The drawdown should finish by 3:15-3:30.

60 sec