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One-Day Coffee Workshop

Our One-Day Coffee Workshop is an ideal class for students who love brewing coffee at home and are looking to take their skills to the next level, or for those just getting into coffee and want to learn more! Students will learn about the origins of coffee, the journey it takes from the farm to our homes and cafes, and how to extract the best flavors out of coffee beans to make delicious coffee at home.

The class begins with a seed to cup presentation where we explore how specialty coffee is grown and processed, and what makes certain coffees more flavorful and complex than others. Next, students will learn the cupping process, which is a standardized method for evaluating coffee; this process is used by coffee professionals throughout the supply chain and is a crucial skill for any coffee enthusiast to have. After learning how to taste and describe coffee, students will learn how to brew coffee using the proper tools and techniques.

The One-Day Coffee Workshop is a five-hour class with a one-hour lunch break. All materials are included in the price and students are welcome to take photos and write down notes throughout the class. After the class, students will be able to purchase coffee and equipment at a 10% discount. No experience necessary.

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