Official Joe Barista Course

Joe Coffee's month-long barista course is a comprehensive coffee education experience focused on developing the knowledge and skills to work as a barista. Over the course of eight sessions, students will learn about the origins of coffee, develop their palates, and acquire the skills to create delicious, cafe-quality espresso beverages.

The class will begin with a seed to cup presentation, where we explore how specialty coffee is grown and processed, and what makes certain coffees more flavorful and complex than others. Students will learn the cupping process, which is an industry standard method for evaluating coffee.

Next, students will learn the proper technique to successfully operate an espresso machine and grinder. Through repetition and practice, students will be able to dial in their espresso and make all of the necessary adjustments to make sure their coffee taste sweet and balanced.

Once students are able to dial in, we will cover the science behind steaming milk to achieve the proper latte texture and temperature, and students will learn how to pour latte art using what's called a "free pour" technique.

Upon completion of the course, students will have the skills to set up their station, dial in, create espresso-based drinks, and clean and maintain espresso equipment. Our barista course students range from budding enthusiasts to future coffee professionals.

The barista course meets 8 times, on Monday and Wednesday evenings with each session running 2 hours long from 6:00-8:00pm. All materials are included and students are welcome to take photos and write down notes throughout the class. Attendees will also be able to purchase coffee and equipment from our Pro Shop at a 10% discount at any point during the course. No experience necessary.

Please note: by purchasing this ticket, you are committing to all 8 classes. If you miss a class or have to drop out over the course of the month, you will not be refunded.

This class requires a minimum of 3 participants. In the event of cancellation, we will reach out to you to either refund your ticket or hold your seat for the next available course.

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