Introducing Coldstretto: The Future of Cold Espresso

Coldstretto® by BKON is making its official debut at Joe Coffee! We’re thrilled to be the first cafes in the world to introduce a coffee category that’s transforming the way drinks are crafted, discovered, shared, and enjoyed. Since June, a selection of our cafes have piloted Coldstretto, a shelf-stable, ready-to-use cold espresso that delivers the signature flavor of our Waverly Espresso. Coldstretto is brewed with Joe Coffee, using BKON’s patented RAIN technology, resulting in the perfect espresso flavor at a much larger scale.

Coldstretto enables Joe Coffee to create a wide variety of crafted cold coffee beverages, offering our guests a diverse selection of cold drinks. The method allows us to increase the speed of cold drink creation and helps us to continue to innovate with creative cold concoctions. 

BKON, a leader in brew technology, has pushed the envelope in cold coffee extraction for more than a decade. Here at Joe Coffee, we’ve been lucky enough to work with BKON for years to bring perfectly balanced cold brew, made with our fan-favorite Great Heights, to scale in all of our cafes.

But the typical cold brew process cuts the acidity in coffee—for many coffee drinkers a plus, but for espresso fans, this can be a dealbreaker. Acidity, when balanced with sweetness and bitterness, is what makes coffee so interesting, and espresso is known for having vibrant acidity, sumptuous texture, and a myriad of heightened flavors not found in any other brew method. You see, the magic of espresso can only be produced by using an espresso machine—until now.

Enter Coldstretto, the future of cold espresso! Here at Joe, we’re thrilled to be the very first company to launch across all of our cafes. Now, we can serve the consistent, balanced, and sweet shot of the Waverly Espresso you know and love in about one second. 

New Ways to Enjoy Coldstretto

To introduce Coldstretto to our menu, our team worked hard to develop two brand new signature beverages, both perfectly crafted to highlight the colorful profiles of our Waverly Espresso. 

The Brown Sugar Shakerato is made with oat milk, brown sugar simple syrup, and all shaken over ice. The brown sugar, in addition to providing a surprising complexity, also transforms the drink into sweet, frothy perfection. 

We’ve dreamed up some form of our Black Cherry Espresso Soda for years now, but we’re thrilled to finally debut this original drink—made with black cherry syrup, carbonated water, and served over ice—with its perfect Coldstretto match. Imagine your favorite cherry tootsie pop: sweet, complex, and super refreshing. 

We’re also thrilled to introduce Coldstretto Cold Foam as an add-on to any iced drink. This coffee-based topping is made with Coldstretto, heavy cream, and simple syrup, making for the ultimate addition to any cold beverage (and even a tasty treat enjoyed on its own!).

This is the future of cold espresso, brewed to honor the signature flavor of the Waverly espresso, and we are so excited to bring this to our Joe Coffee community. 

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