Wilmar Guarnizo Micro-lot Series: #3 Gesha Natural


jasmine, raspberry, black tea


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The Atlas Collection is a line of limited-release coffees intended to highlight our sourcing values—quality, ethics, collaboration, and integrity—our tools for exploring the complex world of coffee. This coffee is a wonderful example of quality.

Grown on the fertile Andean slopes of Huila, Colombia, this naturally-processed coffee comes to us through a strong relationship with Wilmar Guarnizo, one of nine siblings of our longtime partners behind the best-selling single origin, La Familia Guarnizo. From time to time, we’re able to purchase micro-lots from individual siblings and experience the truly exceptional work they do to produce compelling, high quality coffees. This Gesha comes as the third of five small lots that will be released, one by one, as a feature series from Don Wilmar.

This coffee is a juicy and floral minefield. When the cup is hot, the aromas of peach and jasmine are intensely strong, even from a room away. As the cup cools, the flavors become more complex, turning into ripe summer berries, grapes, yuzu, black tea—all with a magical, sparkling quality.

Each micro-lot will be available for purchase, one at a time, for a limited time only. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to hear about our next release, and get incentives for trying each! Read more about our upcoming featured lots below.

Atlas Collection offerings are 8oz.

  • Type

    Single Origin
  • Origin

    Tarqui, Huila, Colombia
  • Producer

    Wilmar Guarnizo
  • Type

  • Elevation

    1,600 - 1,800 MASL
  • Process

  • Cup Score


Try Them All

We are particularly excited about these five micro-lots, not simply because this is the first time we are experimenting with a series of this magnitude, but also because of the emphasis these coffees, and their producer, place on the nuance of process and variety in tandem. Taken as a whole, the package serves as a glimpse into Don Wilmar’s passion for innovation, curiosity, and precision. With a balance of creative flair—such as his knack for fermentation experimentation—and deliberate methodology, Wilmar leaves us with an unexpected breadth of flavors and characteristics that shine through in each of these five coffees.

Wilmar Guarnizo coffee plant

What to Expect from Each

Lot #1: Caturra/Colombia Honey

Cup Score: 87.85

In comparison to other traditional honey processes, this coffee presents more vibrant fruit flavors. We find all the familiar low-level flavors of dried fruits such as mango and apricot, but they are brought up a notch with the addition of sweet citruses such as kiwi, tangerine, and lime. As you swallow, you’re left with soft, almost floral, sugar-browning flavors like vanilla bean.

Lot #2: Caturra Honey

Cup Score: 86.25

Just like the life cycle of a fresh-to-dried apricot, this coffee contains multitudes: it starts juicy, and makes your mouth water with its tartness, then, slowly, as the vibrancy fades, a fudgey sweetness emerges and the flavors turn to candied citrus. Supporting notes of pear, apple, and roasted almonds carry through.

Lot #3: Gesha Natural

Cup Score: 89.25

This coffee is a juicy and floral minefield. When the cup is hot, the aromas of peach and jasmine are intensely strong, even from a room away. As the cup cools, the flavors become more complex, turning into ripe summer berries, grapes, yuzu, black tea—all with a magical, sparkling quality.

Coffee Taster's flavor wheel describing this coffee

Lot #4: Laurina Honey

Cup Score: 85.5

Here we’re presented with a beautiful balance of contrasting qualities. The coffee’s undertones are the deep, rich flavors of buckwheat honey and cinnamon, while its top notes are sweet and floral, like baked pears and quince or guava jelly. Together, they are harmonious, and combine in a way that highlights the many nuances of this lot’s sweetness.


Lot #5: Gesha Honey

Cup Score: 88.25

We finish the series with Lot #5’s mouthwatering fruit flavors—from honeydew to ground cherry to raspberry and rosewater. But, because of the honey process, these flavors present a little less wild than its natural counterpart, with a beautiful balance of soft tropical fruits, delicate florals, and rich sweetness. All the way through, from first sip to last.


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Coffee Taster's flavor wheel describing this coffee

Lot #3: Gesha Natural

Honey-processed and natural coffees are rare in Colombia, simply because of the extra labor and time they require, and the difficulty of doing them well in changing microclimates (in large part due to climate change). Rarity aside, Don Wilmar’s flair for innovation and expertise in fermentation make this next lot that much more special.

Map of Colombia
As a dedicated producer who places his whole self into his work, Wilmar’s selection of his more recently cultivated varieties, such as this Gesha, speaks to his balanced approach to combining a passion for craft with his ingenuity for keen business decisions.

A Note From Our Team

"This series is an incredible example of the precision and passion necessary to produce high quality coffees. Don Wilmar is an expert when it comes to processing and fermentation—in fact, most of his siblings come to him first to try new fermentation techniques, and also to rely on his careful and diligent approach to drying the coffee afterward.

Don Wilmar holds a special place in our Joe Coffee history, as he produced the very first coffee we ever purchased from the Guarnizo family in the early days of Joe Roasting. Through learning more about him, we were able to ask the family if they were interested in a longterm partnership. Over the years we’ve progressed to purchasing almost every level of quality the family grows and have highlighted their work across all our menu offerings—in our year-round single origin offering La Familia Guarnizo, in larger quantities in our house blends, and in extraordinary micro-lots such as within this series. Through working with Don Wilmar, we have learned so much about how to be a respectful business partner: every year our relationship changes and grows, and we are grateful for it."

- Amaris Gutierrez-Ray, Director of Roasting

Wilmar Guarnizo on his farm Finca La Vega View of Wilmar's farm and home
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