Top Shelf Ethiopia Yachi Kachise


strawberry, honey, tangerine


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Our Top Shelf line is a group of limited selections designed to bring you the most memorable, thought-provoking coffees in the world.

This coffee from the Jimma zone of Ethiopia comes from a farm called Yachi Kachise within the Kata Maduga Union, a group which unites 35 farming cooperatives and more than 17,000 small-scale farmer members working in the Goma, Gera, Gummay, Setema, and Sigimo districts within Jimma. Floral with supporting notes of tangerine, honey and strawberry, this Top Shelf selection comes from the Goma district near Agaro, and was purchased through our partners at Collaborative Coffee Source, a team of farmer-roaster relationship experts based in Oslo, Norway.


  • Available exclusively in 8 oz bags
  • Top Shelf orders are roasted according to demand in limited quantities on Mondays only, in order to maximize freshness and longevity for these small batches.


  • Type


    Single Origin
  • Origin


    Agaro, Jimma, Ethiopia
  • Producer


    Kata Maduga Union
  • Type


  • Elevation


    1800-1900 MASL
  • Process



At the Source

This coffee is made up of Ethiopian Heirloom varieties and was grown at elevations between 1,800 and 1,900 meters above sea level. Typical coffee processing in Ethiopia involves delivering ripe cherries to a central washing station, where farmers are compensated (the redder the cherry, the higher the rate) similarly to or better than a farmer-owned cooperative.

Coffee fruit is depulped using disk depulpers that remove the fruit from the seed. Less dense seeds are then sorted from dense seeds using a floating process with a moving, rotating screen in water, and fermented in water for 10-12 hours. Coffee is then washed in canals and further sorted for quality before receiving a final soak and being moved to raised beds for 10-12 days in total, while being continuously rotated for even drying.

Ethiopia Yachi Kachise