The Waverly Espresso


fig, dark chocolate, orange


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Lovingly named for our first cafe in New York City, The Waverly is Joe’s espresso vanguard. Seasonally driven, but designed to achieve a balance of body and sweetness with lively fruit notes year-round, this espresso is perfect as a straight shot or in milk. We carefully build The Waverly through constant cupping at our roasting facility, pairing a sweet and chocolatey component like Honduras El Cuzuco with a brighter, more citrus- and berry-forward coffee like Colombia Huila A.

We craft this blend to ensure an expansive flavor profile based on two components that bring out the best in each other, season to season, drink to drink.

  • Type

  • Origin

    Merendon, Cortés, Honduras | Tarqui, Huila, Colombia
  • Producer

    Various Smallholder Farms | El Paraiso & La Virgen cooperatives
  • variety

    Bourbon, Caturra, Catuaí, IHCAFE 90, Lemipra, Typica, Colombia
  • Elevation

    800-1,900 MASL
  • Process


At the Source

This coffee is based on a sweet, well-balanced coffee we call El Cuzuco, sourced through our partners at Café Imports from the Comercial Internacional de Granos de Honduras (CIGRAH) dry mill in San Pedro Sula. Honduras is one of the top producers of Arabica coffee, and this selection from smallholder farmers in the highland growing areas truly showcases the best of this region. Cool mountain evenings accentuate the sweetness, balance, and structured acidity of these coffees.

Its sister component comes from Tarqui, in the Huila department of Colombia. Tarqui sits in an area of Colombia where the Andes mountains split into three separate mountain ranges called “cordilleras”, and between the Central and Eastern Cordilleras you’ll find the El Paraiso and La Virgen associations, whose coffees make up our Huila A.

These coffee associations are known for empowering themselves in numbers to take on projects collectively—like implementing new drying facilities for regions that see greater rainfall, applying as a group for Rainforest Alliance certification, and more. They also receive ongoing agronomic guidance, on their own terms, from our supply chain partners Caravela through their PECA program.

Joe has a special relationship with these cooperatives as well as Caravela, purchasing a large portion of their annual output each year—and we have had the pleasure of visiting some co-op member farms in person. This partnership provides a level of stability and personal connection for both the producers and for Joe.

Mountainous landscape of Guadalupe, Huila, Colombia