The Waverly Espresso Subscription

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fig, dark chocolate, orange

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Lovingly named for our first cafe in New York City, The Waverly is Joe’s espresso vanguard. Seasonally driven, but designed to achieve a balance of body and sweetness with lively fruit notes year-round, this espresso is perfect as a straight shot or in milk. We carefully build The Waverly through constant cupping at our Red Hook roasting facility, pairing a sweet and chocolatey component like Guatemala La Bolsa with a brighter, more citrus- and berry-forward coffee like Colombia El Paraiso.

This coffee is sourced in part from Finca La Bolsa out of Huehuetenango, Guatemala. Founded in 1958 by Jorge Vides, a medical doctor by day and coffee grower by night, the farm gradually became far more than just a hobby farm and is today the winner of numerous awards, including the Guatemala Cup of Excellence. Managed by María Elena, Jorge’s daughter, the 108-hectare farm grows its coffee within sustainability guidelines alongside neighboring members of the community. In 2012, Finca la Bolsa opened its doors to Association Coffee Care to help to reduce child labor and improve quality of life for coffee pickers and their families, through day care centers and vocational workshops for older children.

Its sister component, Colombia El Paraiso, comes from Tarqui, in the Huila department of Colombia. Tarqui sits in an area of Colombia where the Andes mountains split into three separate mountain ranges called “cordilleras”, and between the Central and Eastern Cordilleras you’ll find the El Paraiso association. Joe has a special relationship with El Paraiso and supply chain partner Caravela, purchasing a large portion of El Paraiso’s annual output each year—and we had the pleasure of visiting some of its farms in person.

We craft this blend to ensure an expansive flavor profile based on two components that bring out the best in each other, season to season, drink to drink.