The Waverly Espresso

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fig, dark chocolate, orange

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The Waverly is Joe’s espresso vanguard. Seasonally driven, but blended to achieve a balance of body and sweetness with lively fruit notes year-round, this espresso is perfect as a straight shot or in milk. We carefully build The Waverly through constant cupping at our Red Hook roasting facility, pairing a sweet and chocolatey component like Mexico Nueva Linda with a brighter, more citrus- and berry-forward coffee like Colombia San Sebastian.

Founded in 1971 by 17-year-old Juan José Moguel, Finca Nueva Linda lies deep in the cloud forests bordering the Triunfo Biosphere Reserve in the La Concordia region of Chiapas, Mexico. Juan Jose’s innovative farm includes an on-site cupping lab, and he regularly conducts processing experiments to improve quality. This coffee is made up of a Catuai variety from part of the farm called Pante Catuai, grown between 1,250-1,450 meters above sea level. It is harvested from November to February, and dried on raised beds.

Its partner, San Sebastian, comes from the San Sebastian de La Plata municipality within Huila, Colombia. This coffee comes from a 250-member smallholder farmers’ association and is made up of Caturra and Colombia varieties grown between 1,500–1,900 meters above sea level, shaded by plantain, banana, and Cachimbo trees. It is fully washed, and sun-dried on covered patios and African-style raised beds.

We craft this blend to ensure an expansive flavor profile based on two components that bring out the best in each other, season to season, drink to drink.