The Pause


nougat, hazelnut, chocolate-covered orange


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For our business and our community, life as we know it is on pause. As a result, many of our most special small- and micro- lot coffees that we would normally brew in our cafes won’t make it into the hands of our customers. Instead, let us share these with you at home! When you order The Pause we will send you something unique. It may change from week to week depending on what’s available, but it will always be delicious.

Currently, The Pause is a medium-dark roast of coffees from Ecuador and Burundi, revealing comforting notes of chocolate-covered orange, nougat, and hazelnut.

In many ways, taking time to enjoy a coffee at home is a welcome pause in our day, a moment of self-care and reflection. As we collectively take a pause as a community, we invite you to find joy in these daily rituals.

To pay forward the support the Joe Coffee community has shown us, we’ll donate $1 for every 12oz bag purchased and $5 for every 5lb purchased to Grounds for Health, a non-profit organization working to prevent and treat cervical cancer in coffee-growing communities.

12oz bags may come in a different shade of blue temporarily due to supply shortages.

  • Type

  • Origin

    Loja, Ecuador | Kayanza Province, Burundi
  • Producer

    Small-scale producers | Kibingo Washing Station
  • Type

    Typica, Caturra, Bourbon, Red Bourbon
  • Elevation

    1,300–1,893 MASL
  • Process

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