The Overnighter Cold Brew


chocolate, nuts, nougat


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Our Cold Brew Blend is specifically designed to taste amazing when brewed in this slow steeped method of brewing. We have found that really bright, fruit forward coffees don’t lend themselves as well to this method of brewing so we select coffees that are balanced and sweet.

At our cafes we let our coarsely ground Cold Brew Blend sit with water for 18 hours. To make it at home, simply combine 1 bag of this coffee to 7 cups of water and let it mellow. Separate your grounds from the resulting concentrate using a strainer lined with cheese cloth and voila! you have cold brew concentrate. Dilute with water or milk to taste and enjoy it at home!

Pro Tip: A coarse grind works best for making cold brew. If you’d like us to grind your coffee for you, please select “Percolator / Cold Brew”.

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