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Java Natural, Red Catuai, Gesha


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This set of beautiful coffees is the result of our long-standing relationship with Fincas Mierisch. With farms in Nicaragua and Honduras and The Pulley Collective roasting facility in Brooklyn where we started roasting, the Mierisch family is deeply intertwined in our history. It is through this collaborative relationship that we have the unique opportunity to present this set of special coffees grown, processed, exported, imported, and roasted by the Mierisch family.

We’re proud to present this special box set of three incredible coffees from our friends and longtime partners, Fincas Mierisch. Grown on their farms in Honduras, these coffees were produced from cherry to roasted bean entirely by the Mierisch family.

It’s been a difficult year for producers and for the industry as a whole. For the Mierisch family, the pandemic impacted demand for high-quality single-origin coffees, and with the Cup of Excellence competition cancelled, they also no longer had an avenue to bring their most special, meticulously cared-for lots to market. As roasters, we also felt the constraints caused by this global health crisis, unable to be the good partners we have been in the past. So when the Mierisch family approached us about a collaboration, we were honored and eager to partner in this new way.

Together, we found a creative solution to highlight their work, and we’re incredibly excited to connect you to these special coffees from their farms in Honduras, one of which would have been submitted to this year’s Cup of Excellence. Each box set includes three 6oz bags of coffee—a natural processed Java from Cerro Azul, as well as a Red Catuaí, and a Gesha from Santa Lucia. The Mierisch Project Box Set also includes a sensory guide for exploring the delights this set has to offer, making it a wonderful gift for any coffee lover, or of course, a special treat for yourself!

Please note that as these offerings are roasted by Erwin Mierisch offsite, there may be a slight delay in shipping out orders next-day. We recommend ordering this set whole bean for the best tasting experience, however we are also happy to pre-grind the coffee for your preferred brew method. To do so, please make a grind selection above.

  • Type

    Set of 3 Single Origin Coffees
  • Origin

    Rio Bonito, Siguatepeque, Comayagua, Honduras
  • Producer

    Fincas Mierisch
  • Variety

    Java | Red Catuaí | Gesha
  • Elevation

    1450-1900 MASL
  • Process

    Natural | Washed | Washed
  • Cup Score

    85 | 85.5 | 90

What's Inside

Three 6oz bags

Java Natural
Farm: Cerro Azul
Tastes Like: dried strawberry, cherry, cream
This natural processed Java, a well-loved variety of the Mierisch family, gets its pleasing fruit flavors and remarkable sweetness from the prolonged contact between the cherry and bean.

Red Catuaí
Farm: Santa Lucia
Tastes Like: red currant, dried apricot, apple
Unlike typical washed coffees which undergo a water-based fermentation, this Red Catuaí was dry fermented in tile-lined tanks, a decision the Mierisch family makes to conserve water, but also because the colder weather at these higher altitudes tends to slow down a typical water-based fermentation.

Farm: Santa Lucia
Tastes Like: peach, jasmine, white chocolate 
The Mierisch family submitted a lot of last year’s harvest to the Cup of Excellence competition in Honduras and won first place. This lot from the the 2020 harvest stands up to this level of excellence with a cup score of 90 points. Read more.

The Mierisch Proejct Coffee Flavor Wheels

Virtual Tastings & Events

To celebrate the launch of The Mierisch Project Box Set, we are hosting two virtual tasting sessions, both free and open to all! Join us to learn more about our partnership with Fincas Mierisch, taste the coffees, hear about how we think about the sensory experience, and enjoy the insights of our guests.

If you’d like to taste along with us, we recommend purchasing either the full box set or the Atlas Collection Honduras Gesha, which is one of the three coffees in the set, in advance of the event.


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Eleane Mierisch at the drying beds
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