Specialty Instant Brew Kit


Everything you need to take excellent coffee wherever you go

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Our Specialty Instant Brew Kit is the perfect gift for the coffee lover who’s always on the go. From airplanes and hotels, to camping trips and the beach, our instant coffee comes in handy anytime (and anywhere) you’re in the mood for great coffee. Paired with our favorite MiiR travel tumbler, you can take Joe Coffee anywhere you go.


  • 1 Box of The Daily Specialty Instant Coffee
  • 1 12-oz. Joe Coffee MiiR Tumbler

The Lowdown on Instant

Processed in collaboration with our friends at Swift Cup Coffee, our instant coffee is meticulously roasted in small batches and through Swift Cup’s proprietary process, the coffee is carefully brewed to a very flavorful concentrate before being slowly dehydrated by freeze drying.

The result is a concentrated instant coffee that allows the complexity and delicate flavor profile of the roast to shine through. To brew, simply combine the contents of one sachet with 8-10 oz hot or cold water.

Specialty Instant sachet with brewed coffee