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Three single origin coffees from South & Central America


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Our Roasters’ Choice Set features a selection of three beautiful single origin coffees, roasted to highlight the flavor nuances of their varieties and terroir. La Familia Guarnizo, available year-round due to the nature of the harvesting season in Colombia, serves as the anchor coffee to this set and is paired with two additional seasonally-rotating offerings. Currently, La Familia Guarnizo is joined by two Central American coffees.


What’s Inside:

6oz each

Colombia La Familia Guarnizo
Producer: The Guarnizo Family
Tastes Like: caramel, honey, clementine
This bright and light-bodied selection comes from the Guarnizo family in Huila, Colombia, one of our longest-standing producer relationship. Featuring notes of stone fruit and almonds with a medium acidity, La Familia Guarnizo is favorite year after year.

Guatemala San José
Producer: Miriam Florence Aguirre Wyld de Urruela & Florence Aguirre de Fanjul
Tastes Like: crème brûlée, cherry, pear
This women-produced coffee comes to us through our longstanding relationship with Beneficio Bella Vista. The first sip presents sweet layers of jammy fruit flavors like ripe melon and poached pear, while slowly arcing toward the more familiar flavors of the region: big chocolate, soft acidity, and infinite sweetness.

Nicaragua Las Delicias
Producer: Eleane Mierisch
Tastes Like: almond brittle, apple, date
Balancing structure and style, this coffee features sturdy flavors of roasted nuts and date sweetness complement soft, bright notes of blackberry, cantaloupe, and apple. It comes to us from Fincas Mierisch, one of our oldest and most direct producer relationships.

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