Roasters’ Choice Set


Three single origin coffees from South America & East Africa


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Our Roasters’ Choice Set features a selection of three beautiful single origin coffees, roasted to highlight the flavor nuances of their varieties and terroir. La Familia Guarnizo, available year-round due to the nature of the harvesting season in Colombia, serves as the anchor coffee to this set and is paired with two additional seasonally-rotating offerings. Currently, La Familia Guarnizo is joined by two East African coffees.


What’s Inside:

6oz each

Colombia La Familiar Guarnizo
Producer: The Guarnizo Family
Tastes Like: caramel, honey, clementine
This bright and light-bodied selection comes from the Guarnizo family in Huila, Colombia, one of our longest-standing producer relationship. Featuring notes of stone fruit and almonds with a medium acidity, La Familia Guarnizo is favorite year after year.

Congo Umoja
Producer: 11,600 smallholder farmers
Tastes Like: hibiscus, pomegranate, golden raisin
This lot of washed Bourbon is grown by a cooperative of smallholder farmers in the Kivus of eastern Congo and features complex tropical fruit and floral flavors embedded in sturdy structures of brown sweetness.

Rwanda Ejo Heza
Producer: Ejo Heza Cooperative
Tastes Like: dark chocolate, walnut, molasses
Produced by an all-woman cooperative: Ejo Heza, which means “Bright Tomorrow”, this is a bright, fruity, classically Rwandan coffee.

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