Peru Espíritu Wari


dried papaya, raisin, milk chocolate


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We’re delighted to introduce this beautiful coffee from Quillabamba, a coffee-growing region in the southern highlands of Peru that we discovered during a recent trip with our sourcing partners at Caravela Coffee. Our green buying team tasted various lots from individual producers in the region and were struck by the quality of the coffees and the stories of the individuals who produced them. ⁠

This lot, named for the ancient Wari civilization that once flourished in the coastal and highland areas of Peru, is clean, complex, balanced and sweet. With notes of dried papaya, raisin, and milk chocolate, the cup profile of Espíritu Wari reflects the magic and beauty of the region’s history and the people who continue to cultivate its fertile slopes today.

  • Type

    Single Origin
  • Origin

    Quillabamba, Cusco, Peru
  • Producer

    Small-scale producers in La Convencíon
  • Type

    Typica, Caturra, Bourbon
  • Elevation

    1,300–1,700 MASL
  • Process


A Note from Our Relationship Manager

From Lee Harrison, Senior Director of Coffee & Roasting

The Cusco region in Peru is a destination for tourists, anthropologists, and archaeologists who seek the singular beauty of its dramatic mountain landscape, or the wonder of its ruins and the richness of the history of ancient cultures that have thrived there over many millennia. It was an important region in Wari society and home to the capital of the Incan Empire, which was destroyed, pillaged and dispossessed by the Spanish in the 16th century during the Battle of Cusco.

Vista in the Quillabamba region of Peru

Now, the hills of Cusco are scattered with ancient ruins and the small plantations of coffee farming families, who wash and dry their coffees right on their land before selling them through various and inconsistent methods. Caravela, our sourcing partner for the Huila component in The Daily, and coffee from La Familia Guarnizo, began buying coffee directly from producers in Cusco through their purchasing warehouse in Quillabamba two years ago. Their PECA teams work to help realize the quality, sustainability, and economic potential for producers there.

We are excited to release this beautiful coffee from Quillabamba, a region that we were excited to discover during our first coffee-buying trip to Peru. During a visit to Caravela’s office in Lima, we tasted several small lots from individual producers in Quillabamba. The Espíritu Wari AA lot that we contracted a couple of months later is made up of 85-point fully washed coffees that are traditionally fermented for 16-20 hours and then dried on covered patios or raised beds.

Learn more. Download our Peru Espíritu Wari 2020 Infosheet [PDF] >>

A Caravela PECA team member visits a producer's drying beds