Nightcap Decaf Subscription

$20.00 every 2 months

almond, molasses, cola

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Whether prepared as brewed coffee or espresso, at night or at daybreak, Nightcap—our signature decaf coffee—is carefully chosen to fill the decaf drinker with comfort and curiosity. We choose our seasonal decaffeinated offering based on the perfect intersection of balance and flavor, aiming for a flavor profile that’s sweet, rich, and drinkable around the clock.

Once we’ve determined the perfect coffee blend to make up the Nightcap, we send the coffee to Descafecol, an ethyl acetate plant in Colombia to undergo the decaffeination process. Ethyl acetate is a naturally-occurring compound found in fruits and vegetables—even in coffee itself!—and can be used in combination with steam and water to remove caffeine. Currently, Nightcap is a coffee from the El Paraiso Growers’ Association in Huila, Colombia.


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