Nicaragua Las Delicias


almond brittle, apple, date


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Las Delicias comes to us from our friends at Fincas Mierisch, one of our longest-standing and most direct producer relationships. The Mierisch family collectively own several farms in Nicaragua and Honduras and also operate a beneficio, or dry mill, in Matagalpa, Nicaragua, which serves their farms and their region. This traditionally washed lot of Red Catuaí was grown on Eleane Mierisch’s farm, Las Delicias, in Jinotega. In addition to being the producer of this coffee, Eleane is the dry mill manager and head of quality control at Beneficio Don Esteban, as well as a head judge for Cup of Excellence.

This is a coffee that balances structure and style—sturdy flavors of roasted nuts and date sweetness complement the softer but brighter notes of blackberry, cantaloupe, and apple. It reminds us of the perfect crumble, fresh from the oven and full of late summer fruits!

  • Type

    Single Origin
  • Origin

    Jinotega, Nicaragua
  • Producer

    Eleane Mierisch
  • Type

    Red Catuaí
  • Elevation

    1,260-1,400 MASL
  • Process


The Story

Perched on steep, northwest-facing slopes, Las Delicias is situated between Lake Apanas and a large nature reserve. After harvest, cherries are sent to a washing station which serves the three closest farms, where they are depulped, then placed in fermentation tanks. Depending on temperature conditions, the coffee is ready to be washed about 24-36 hours after harvesting.

Map of Jinotega region of Nicaragua
From there, the coffee is taken as wet parchment to the beneficio where it is dried on patios or raised beds. During drying, each lot is spread out in thick layers to control how slowly it dries, and it’s moved or raked about four times a day. Washed coffees take 10-12 days to dry depending on the weather.
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