Nicaragua Las Delicias: Anaerobic Fermentation


pomegranate, rainier cherry, cantaloupe


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Our Top Shelf line of coffee is a selection of limited releases designed to highlight the most memorable and thought-provoking coffees in the world. We’re thrilled to showcase two special coffees from our longtime partners Fincas Mierisch in Nicaragua.

The Mierisches collectively own several farms and also operate a beneficio, or dry mill, in Matagalpa, Nicaragua, where Eleane Mierisch is the dry mill manager, head of quality control, and producer. This coffee is one of two specially processed lots from Eleane’s Las Delicias farm in Jinotega. While each Las Delicias coffee is uniquely—well—delicious, we recommend tasting the two side by side to fully appreciate the results of different types of processing on the same coffee.

This lot is anaerobically processed, a method of wet-fermenting coffee in an oxygen-free environment to control sweetness and acidity. It is then processed like a natural coffee and sent directly to dry on patios and raised beds, then rested under climate-controlled conditions, resulting in this coffee’s intense fruit sweetness and balanced, creamy body.


  • Available exclusively in 8 oz bags
  • Top Shelf orders are roasted according to demand in limited quantities on Mondays only, in order to maximize freshness and longevity for these small batches.


  • Type


    Single Origin
  • Origin


    Jinotega, Nicaragua
  • Producer


    Eleane Mierisch
  • variety


  • Elevation


    1,260–1,400 MASL
  • Process


    Anaerobic Fermentation Natural