Kenya Mukuyuni


coconut, blackcurrant, rose


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The Atlas Collection is a line of limited-release coffees intended to highlight our sourcing values—quality, ethics, collaboration, and integrity—our tools for exploring the complex world of coffee. This coffee is a wonderful example of integrity.

This extraordinarily delicious Kenyan coffee comes to us from the Mukuyuni Farmers Cooperative Society in the Eastern Province—our second release through a new partnership with Vava Coffee. In the language of the local Kambi Tribe, Mukuyuni translates to “next to the fig tree,” as it was under the fig tree that meetings were once held, and later, where the town of the same name was established. This cooperative of nearly 1,000 smallholder farmers is recognized for its progressive practices, from promoting organic farming and the use of cutting-edge equipment, to crop diversification and ensuring their management board is consistently 50% or more female-led.

In this coffee, tropical fruits are front and center, with notes of sweet pineapple, creamy coconut, and bright lime. Complementing these lush qualities are welcome undertones of tartness: cola, rose hips, campari, and blackcurrant. It’s truly a cup to remember!

We’re thrilled to bring this exemplary lot to our menu through Vava Coffee. Founded by Vava Angwenyi in 2009, the Certified B-Corp works to not only build equity for Kenyan farmers through training and investment opportunities, but also seeks to build transparency throughout the system, using coffee to empower communities. Every Atlas Collection coffee is intended to highlight one of our four sourcing values. Because of our shared intention with Vava to establish a transparent relationship, and collaborate on tools to build context and accountability for that transparency, this coffee speaks to the value of integrity.

Atlas Collection offerings are 8oz.

  • Type

    Single Origin
  • Origin

    Machakos, Kenya
  • Producer

    Mukuyuni Farmers Cooperative Society
  • Type

    SL 28
  • Elevation

    1,700-2,000 MASL
  • Process

  • Cup Score


At the Source

It has been many years since we purchased a coffee from Kenya, specifically because the dynamic of purchasing coffee in Kenya is very opaque—perhaps intentionally so out a strong reaction to its colonial past—making it difficult to ensure the kind of transparency we seek to make coffee purchases as beneficial as possible to the producer. We're thrilled to have found a trusted supplier in Vava who has spent years building deep partnerships with hundreds of smallholder farmers.

Map of Machakos County, Kenya
Working within (and against) the patriarchal structure that exists in Kenya, Vava advocates for better incomes for producers while creating the tools they need to access those incomes. She uses her company to provide education and tools for producers to learn more about the products they have to sell in the marketplace.
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