Honduras Rubí Sisters


plum, nutmeg, candy apple


Perched between the Sierra La Esperanza and Santa Bárbara mountains in Las Vegas, Honduras, lies Finca Ruland 2—a specialty coffee farm as beautiful as it is biodiverse, owned and operated by the Rubí-Landaverde family.

As a second generation coffee grower, daughter Andrea Rubí helped to usher in a new era for her family—launching them into specialty coffee as the culmination of two decades of farming heritage. Coming into the business with a fresh perspective, Andrea saw the value of moving their practice away from sole reliance on the commodity coffee industry, and—in addition to their newer frontier of experimentation—she now heads up their initiative to forge more direct relationships with coffee companies and roasters like Joe.

Andrea and her sisters’ skill and diligence shines through this washed lot of Pacas, Expect a complex balance of layered acidity and structured sweetness—beginning with notes of deep citrus and stone fruit, flavors arc towards ripe cherry as the coffee cools, leaving us with a final, soft note of spice and caramel.

Read more about life on Fincas Ruland in A Day in the Life | On the Family Farm with Andrea Rubí on our blog.

  • Type

    Single Origin
  • Origin

    Las Vegas, Santa Bárbara, Honduras
  • Producer

    Andrea, Angie, and Brenda Rubí
  • Type

  • Elevation

    1300-1700 MASL
  • Process


The Story

After nearly two decades of conventional coffee farming at Fincas Ruland 1, parents Alfredo Rubí and Suyapa Landaverde decided to purchase a new plot of land in 2015, with dreams of cultivating specialty coffee varieties. Putting those intentions into action, Finca Ruland 2 launched their family into a new era of strategy and focus for the business.

Map of Santa Barbara, Honduras
Andrea Rubí returned to her “coffee paradise” hometown around the same time that the Rubí-Landaverdes were beginning work on Finca Ruland 2. Working beside her two sisters, Brenda and Angie, Andrea took the lead on building out the family’s specialty coffee farm, which now grows eight varieties including this plot of Parainema.
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