Honduras Lalita


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If you know Joe Coffee, you’ve probably heard us mention our dear friends at Fincas Mierisch. We’re always proud to highlight our special relationship with the family-run business based in Nicaragua and Honduras, which produces, exports, and imports its own coffee, and and even has a roasting facility here in New York.

Even though we’ve expanded to our own roastery space since starting off in the the Mierisch’s Brooklyn-based roasting cooperative, the Pulley Collective, our connection with the family remains strong—through open dialogue, we’ve been able to gain a better understanding of not only the coffees we purchase, but of the business challenges they face in any given year, and how we can better support them as business partners.

This delightful lot of washed Red Catuaí comes to us from Lalita, the Mierisch’s smallest farm in Honduras in the Rio Bonito community of Comayagua. Ready yourself for a coffee with big personality and bright flavors to match. After a vibrant first sip of winter citrus—tangerine and orange—warm notes of dried fruit unravel as the coffee cools, with pleasant flavors of roasted nuts and caramel throughout.

  • Type

    Single Origin
  • Origin

    Rio Bonito, Comayagua, Honduras
  • Producer

    Fincas Mierisch
  • Type

    Red Catuaí
  • Elevation

    1450-1550 MASL
  • Process


The Story

The Mierisch family began their coffee business in their home of Nicaragua, but have since expanded with three farms in Honduras. This washed lot of Red Catuaí comes to us from the smallest of their Honduran farms, Finca Lalita, located in Rio Bonito, Siguatepeque, Comayagua. As the family expanded to Honduras, they worked to adapt their techniques for fermentation in their washed process coffees, utilizing a dry fermentation because of the colder weather.

Map of Comayagua, Honduras
Like many other growers, the family points to labor shortages, inadequate financing from their banks, and a deficit from the difficulties in selling last year’s crops during the pandemic as the biggest challenges they've faced. However, they're buoyed by their ongoing success in the Cup of Excellence competition in Honduras, as well as upcoming renovations at Lalita, with the hopes of further optimizing the growing conditions on the farm.
Overhead view of Fincas Mierisch drying patios A flowering coffee plant at Lalita in Honduras.
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