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Andrea Rubí refers to her hometown of Las Vegas, in the Santa Barbara region of Honduras, as a “coffee paradise”. Her farm, Finca Ruland 2, is the culmination of two decades of coffee cultivation—and a new frontier of experimentation—for her family.

Finca Ruland 2 stretches from 1300-1700 meters above sea level on a mountainside between the Sierra La Esperanza and Santa Bárbara mountains, and is planted with specialty coffee varieties. It’s as biodiverse as it is beautiful, providing a home for numerous species of birds. In 2018, Joe Coffee purchased one of Rubí’s first microlots from Finca Ruland 2, and this year we are happy to have purchased an even larger quantity.

Beyond what Rubí refers to as the “humble” activity of coffee farming, she has a larger goal of using her position to positively influence those in Honduras who are currently crippled by the commodity market pricing of coffee as well as environmental threats to production. “I do believe there is a way out from this crisis,” she says Rubí. Through the work of innovative and compassionate producers like her, we, too, see a light in the distance.

Read more about life on Fincas Ruland in A Day in the Life | On the Family Farm with Andrea Rubí on our blog.

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    Single Origin
  • Origin

    Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, Honduras
  • Producer

    Andrea Rubí
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  • Elevation

    1300-1700 MASL
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At the Source

Andrea Rubí’s parents, Alfredo Rubí and Suyapa Landaverde, have operated a conventional coffee farm in Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, Honduras (Finca Ruland 1) since 1997. In 2015 they bought a new plot of land where they intended to cultivate specialty coffees—this farm, Finca Ruland 2, became Andrea’s domain. It was she who cultivated the Pacas variety seedlings that established this farm, and she who champions their output today.

Andrea is a hands-on farm manager in every sense of the word, from overseeing proper soil and plant care before harvest to implementing quality controls for picking to monitoring fermentation time to determine optimal length for each season. Andrea also manages the marketing and sales for Finca Ruland 2—including traveling all the way from Honduras to Joe’s Quality Control lab in person to taste roasted samples with us.

Coffee at Fincas Ruland 2 is de-pulped and fermented for 24 hours before being washed and sent to drying patios. It takes up to 23 days for this coffee to dry to its target moisture content, as it is spread on the patios only during the mornings and afternoons, avoiding direct mid-day sun that is too harsh for workers and could cause uneven drying.

Andrea Rubi on her farm Finda Ruland 2 in Honduras