Ecuador Altos de Marfil


cocoa, dried cherry, hazelnut


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Altos de Marfil comes from 44 small-scale producers growing traditional varieties high on the slopes of the El Limo mountains outside the town of Puyango in Loja province, Ecuador. This coffee is brightened with complex citrus sweetness of grapefruit and dried peach, and balanced with rich notes of hazelnut and cacao.

This exceptional coffee came to us by chance as an unsolicited sample from our sourcing partner, Caravela, in order to fill an unexpected gap in our menu. Impressed with the coffee’s performance on the cupping table but relatively unfamiliar with Ecuador as a coffee growing region, we contracted the coffee for our menu and decided to use the opportunity to learn about Ecuador as a nation that has been producing high-quality coffee for nearly 200 years.

Knowing the history and context of coffee in Ecuador helps us to realize how phenomenal it is to be able to offer a lot as special as Altos de Marfil. Continue reading below to hear from our green buying and roasting team about what they discovered about coffee production in Ecuador.


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  • Type

    Single Origin
  • Origin

    Puyango, Chaguarpamaba, Loja, Ecuador
  • Producer

    Small-scale producers
  • Type

    Typica, Caturra, Bourbon
  • Elevation

    1,300-1,800 MASL
  • Process


A Note from Our Relationship Manager

From Lee Harrison, Senior Director of Coffee & Roasting

This coffee’s flavors are subtle and well-integrated. Low frequency citrus notes are wrapped in sweet nut, cacao, and brown sugar flavors and this is a complexity that we find very compelling because we can spend time with it, turning it over as we sip, experiencing the myriad dimensions of its palate. 

Our friend Badi at Caravela sent us a sample of Altos de Marfil when we needed to fill an unexpected gap on our menu. We accepted it because of its flavor complexity but also because we trust Caravela as one of our primary, ethically-driven sourcing partners. This was to fill a slot on our menu that we consider “experimental”; coffees that are unique in flavor or origin, or those that come to us outside of existing relationships but speak strongly to our values. We loved the way this coffee tasted but we had never purchased coffee from Ecuador before, so we decided to use it as an opportunity to learn more about the context of coffee production there.

Ulbio Rogel rakes drying coffee on patio

The state of the coffee industry in Ecuador and socio-economic conditions affecting it are not subtle. When our Director of Roasting, Amaris, began her research, she found that factors of economic crisis affecting specialty coffee producers across the coffee-growing world—high cost of production, low commercial prices, climate change, and labor shortages—were present to an even greater extent here. The legacy of colonialism, slavery, and indentured labor, along with climate and global market realities, contributed to conditions that would result in Ecuador’s economic collapse at the turn of the twentieth century. This crisis, and the subsequent dollarization of Ecuador’s currency, deepened poverty and sparked mass emigration, especially from rural, agricultural communities.

We are proud to partner with Caravela to showcase this coffee, which is produced by 44 small-scale farmers outside of Puyango in Ecuador’s Loja province. It is because of their tireless effort to discover beautiful coffees, to nurture the communities that cultivate them, and to advocate on their behalf that we are able, against great odds, to share this exceptional coffee with you.

Learn more. Download our Ecuador Altos de Marfil Info Sheet [PDF] >>

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