Colombia Manantiales Del Frontino


jasmine, honeydew melon, kiwi


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Our Top Shelf line of coffee is a selection of limited releases designed to highlight the most memorable and thought-provoking coffees in the world.

As part of this collection, we’re proud to showcase this exquisite Colombian Gesha, which we took to the U.S. Coffee Championships, where Joe Coffee earned finalist spots in both the roaster and barista competitions.

Manantiales del Frontino is a fourth-generation farm owned by the Londoño family in Valle del Cauca, near Caicedonia. The coffee thrives in a unique cloud forest microclimate, growing at the top of the farm’s productive elevation range in nutrient-rich, volcanic soil.

As one of the Londoño’s special varieties, the coffee cherries are diverted to their own processing line with a cylindrical depulper and fermentation tanks, and dried using a combination of mechanical drying machines and on patios.

Geshas are typically prized for their uniquely bright and floral profile, yet are often exotic for some tastes. We selected a roast profile to enhance this coffee’s sweetness while maintaining its delicate flavors—a balancing act which we believe truly defies expectations.


  • Available exclusively in 8 oz bags
  • Top Shelf orders are roasted according to demand in limited quantities on Mondays only, in order to maximize freshness and longevity for these small batches.


  • Type


    Single Origin
  • Origin


    Valle de Cauca, Colombia
  • Producer


    Andres Londoño
  • variety


  • Elevation


    1750 MASL
  • Process