Coffee Milk Blood


“A book about us, by us.” – Vava Angwenyi


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Coffee Milk Blood is a visually stunning work from Vava Angwenyi, founder of social impact enterprise Vava Coffee, that aims to subvert the traditional approach to coffee storytelling by sharing the perspective of the people who live and work in coffee growing communities. Through beautiful visuals and powerful storytelling, Coffee Milk Blood delves into the perception of the empowered woman in this setting, the Neocolonialism notions that persist in the industry, as well as the colonial structures that continue to exist in the sector. This is a book inspired by Vava’s own experience as an African woman in the coffee industry, challenging the visual context we often see of coffee producing countries by depicting producers the way they want to be seen—in a dignified, real manner.

A limited edition version of this book is also available in a luxurious Aurum gold print with Kenya and Tanzania map inserts.


Individual prints from Coffee Milk Blood are available to purchase here.

Published in the UK by Pressision; 128 pages

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