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This exceptional coffee comes to us from Kayanza Province in Burundi, where over 3,500 coffee growers from the surrounding hills farm more than 1 million coffee trees for processing at the Kibingo Washing Station, known for its position alongside a wooden bridge near the Congo-Nile crest. “Kibingo” comes from the Kirundi word “urubingo”, meaning reeds—which were planted along the river bed to contain water and protect soil from erosion.

Our search for a dynamic, fruity flavor profile to join our single origin menu led us to Kibingo. Three years later, it remains a Joe Coffee favorite, thanks to our continued delight at its quality as well as a close relationship with its importer, Sucafina—a relationship we hope to deepen through Sucafina’s ongoing projects in Burundi, which aim to unite quality focus and community benefit at the farmer level. A different coffee from this same washing station earned first place in the 2017 Burundi Cup of Excellence.

  • Type

    Single Origin
  • Origin

    Kayanza Province, Burundi
  • Producer

    Kibingo Washing Station
  • Type

    Red Bourbon
  • Elevation

    1,893 MASL
  • Process


A Note from Our Relationship Manager

From Lee Harrison, Senior Director of Coffee & Roasting

This coffee, from Kibingo Central Washing Station in the Kayanza province of Burundi, is unique in flavor and the context of its origin. Its depth of sweet, tropical fruit complexity is balanced with a sturdy body of caramel and as many tones of dark sugar variations as can be imagined in a given sip.

The exceptional quality of coffee produced in Burundi is intertwined with its history of Western industrialization, imperialism, and the complicated and violent decolonization process Burundi has undergone as a result of Western intervention.

Sorting Coffee at the Kibingo Washing Station

In Burundi, Kibingo is one of only two washing stations to achieve Rainforest Alliance Certification as they work toward improving the livelihoods and environment for the more than 3,500 members who deliver coffee cherry there. Sucafina, our sourcing partner, works with their non-profit arm on the ground, along with Greenco who operates Kibingo Central Washing Station, to administer business and financial literacy training to groups of producers, as well as livestock distribution, health insurance sponsorship, and green energy projects. This is our third year working with Sucafina to purchase coffee from Kibingo, and the second year in a row that Joe has been able to work with Sucafina to donate goats to a group of farmers there.

We hope to continue working toward matching the joy of the flavor complexity this coffee brings with integrity in pursuing an ethical and long term relationship with the producers that cultivate it.

Learn more. Download our 2020 Burundi Kibingo Info Sheet [PDF] >>

Goats distributed to farmers by Sucafina
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