Burundi Bukeye Ninga Hill


fig, hibiscus, white tea


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We are pleased to bring back a favorite coffee from the Long Miles Coffee Project, an initiative to promote and improve the highest quality coffees in Burundi, a part of the coffee-growing world where the potential to produce exceptional coffees is high—but so, too, are the number of challenges.

This bright, fruit-noted coffee with sparkling acidity is named for the Bukeye washing station which primarily processes coffees from the neighboring Ninga Hill farms—only six kilometers away, but across two rivers and a hilly landscape.

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  • Type


    Single Origin
  • Origin


    Ninga Hill, Burundi
  • Producer


    Bukeye Washing Station
  • variety


    Heirloom Bourbon, Jackson
  • Elevation


    1,794 MASL
  • Process



At the Source

It’s through the caring and diligence of the Carlson family, who uprooted their lives in the United States to live and work in coffee in Africa, that the Long Miles Coffee Project has taken such significant hold in the areas in which it operates. By turning a spotlight on the quality of coffees grown in Burundi, the Long Miles Coffee Project is making a meaningful contribution to dedicated communities of farmers and their quality of life.

We first came into contact with Ben Carlson when a trusted friend at Collaborative Coffee Source offered us some samples of Burundi coffees Long Miles had been working with. We were struck by the high quality of these little-known coffees, and we were moved by the commitment the Carlsons had shown to the farmers with whom they worked—there aren’t many other African coffee suppliers that are as connected with the end buyers as Ben.

Celebrating the coffee of Ninga Hill is particularly meaningful to the Carlson family, who recognize the hardship that the local community has endured from the civil war—a lasting impact that has affected both the people and the coffee crops in this region.

River aglow under the setting sun over Ninga Hill, Burundi