15th Anniversary Coffee: Colombia Wilmar Guarnizo


nectarine, date, cherry


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Fifteen years ago, we first opened our doors on the corner of Waverly Place and Gay Street in Manhattan. Since then, we’ve come a long way, roasting our own coffee for our nearly two dozen cafes across two states. Through it all we’ve remained a family business, and we’ve chosen this beautiful single origin offering from Wilmar Guarnizo, a member of the Guarnizo Family, to help us celebrate.

Ever since we first began roasting in 2012, we’ve been lucky to have a close relationship with Wilmar and his eight siblings. In fact, this very coffee was the second coffee we ever roasted! This particular selection, a separated lot of caturra coffee, comes from Wilmar Guarnizo’s farms La Vega and El Ventilador, in the Huila region of Colombia. It’s a sweet and complex, approachable and lively coffee just perfect for a special occasion.

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  • Type


    Single Origin
  • Origin


    Huila, Colombia
  • Producer


    Wilmar Guarnizo
  • variety


  • Elevation


    1750 MASL
  • Process



At the Source

Processing and drying here is very simple, but carefully monitored. The cherries are placed in a tank filled with water where the floating cherries are separated from the higher quality, denser cherries that sink to the bottom. After passing through a basic depulping machine with a small amount of water, the coffee seeds are then fermented for 36 hours in tile-lined tanks. After fermentation, the coffee is washed in the same tank with fresh water before drying. It is then dried in the shade on raised beds for 15 days before being moved to a sunnier, covered solar dryer where it dries slowly for another 7-10 days.

Wilmar Guarnizo carefully monitors the temperature and humidity in the dryer, regulating those factors by opening or closing ventilation flaps in the structure. The beds remain covered to protect the coffee from the unpredictable rains in this part of Colombia.