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Introducing the Atlas Collection

Sourcing great coffee around the world is a constant voyage of discovery—and self-discovery. Last year, in the process of updating our brand identity, we spent many hours examining the values behind how we select the coffees we do. We’re now proud to introduce The Atlas Collection, a line of limited-release coffees intended to highlight those values: quality, ethics, collaboration, and integrity—our tools for exploring the complex world of coffee.

Through a rotating selection of unique, exemplary coffees, the Atlas Collection will serve as a tastable guide to how we explore the world of coffee—a journey we hope will inspire your palate and curiosity as much as it has our own. Beyond our own strict criteria for coffee scoring and deliciousness, we’ve designed each release to celebrate one of our specific sourcing values.

And to showcase these special coffees, naturally, we designed a special bag! Each 8oz bag is a luminous coral, chosen to perfectly complement the palette of blues we selected for our traditional blend and single origin offerings. It also looks lovely with our special Atlas Collection labels: each of these coffees will feature a custom gold-foil contour map that depicts the topography of the very farm from which the coffee inside is sourced. Pretty neat, right?

Atlas Collection Yimi Guarnizo

The first offering we’ve rolled out under this new program is from Huila, Colombia, where Yimi Guarnizo’s beautiful microlot shines through with notes of mango, elderflower, and golden raisin—all a result of Don Yimi’s care and attention to his high-altitude, 7.3-hectare farm.

Yimi is one of the many siblings who make up La Familia Guarnizo, with whom we’ve proudly partnered since 2013, a relationship forged by our colleagues at Caravela Coffee, and deepened over years of visits and a mutual respect that grows with each new season. We especially love this coffee for the spirit of collaboration our relationship with Yimi and his family continues to inspire!

We hope you’ll get a chance to try this special and beautiful coffee while it lasts, and we look forward to bringing you along to discover future Atlas Collection coffees throughout the coming months.

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