What You’ll Need


Extremely Fine (Confectioner's Sugar)

Total Brew Time

Espresso machine

Step 1

Prep Machine

Purge water through the grouphead to make sure the machine is hot and ready.

Water is purged from an espresso machine

Step 2

Weigh and Grind

Remove and clean the portafilter, place it on the scale, and tare it to zero.
Weigh out and grind 18g of coffee on an extremely fine grind, like that of confectioner’s sugar, directly into the portafilter.

Portafilter is removed from an espresso machine

Step 3

Smooth With Finger

Using your finger, level out the coffee in the portafilter. Make sure to distribute the coffee evenly.

Coffee is leveled in a portafilter

Step 4

Tamp Coffee

Lay your portafilter on a clean, flat surface and place the tamper directly on top of the grounds. Apply pressure downwards, tamping the coffee and making sure the coffee bed is level.

Coffee is tamped in a portafilter

Step 5

Pull Your Shot

Load the portafilter into the grouphead and immediately start brewing. Start the timer, position your demitasse under the grouphead, and watch the steady stream of espresso drip.

A shot is pulled in an espresso machine

Step 6

Drip and Enjoy

After about 24-28 seconds the extraction will be complete and you can turn off the grouphead. Make sure to savor the many layers of flavor.

25 sec
An espresso shot is extracted
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