What You’ll Need


15g Coffee / 210g Water


Fine (Table Salt)

Total Brew Time

Aeropress sits atop a Hario range server and scale

Step 1

Prep & Preheat

Weigh out and grind 14g of coffee at a fine grind, like that of table salt. Heat 200g of water in the kettle to 205° Fahrenheit (just off boil).

finely ground coffee

Step 2

Rinse Filters

Add two filters to the Aeropress cap and rinse filters with warm water for a few seconds. Then screw the cap on to Aeropress base.

Aeropress sits atop a Hario range server and scale

Step 3

Add Coffee

Place the Aeropress on a scale and tare to zero. Set the Aeropress base on a vessel large enough to hold 8oz of water, and place on a scale and tare it to zero. Add the ground coffee to the Aeropress base, ensuring that you add 14g of ground coffee, and gently shake to settle the grounds evenly.

Ground coffee is poured into an Aeropress

Step 4

Pour Water

Tare the scale back to zero, then start a timer and quickly pour 210g of water over the bed of coffee in the first 10 seconds.

Water is poured over coffee in an Aeropress

Step 5


Gently insert the Aeropress plunger at an angle, and then lift the plunger up to create a vacuum and prevent the coffee from dripping through.

Aeropress top creates a seal

Step 6

Wait, Stir, and Plunge

When the timer reads 2:00, take the plunger out and swiftly stir the coffee to knock down the grinds. Try not to stir too much so as to avoid agitating the coffee too much and causing too many bitter flavors. Continue to steep the coffee for an additional 30 seconds. Once the timer reads 2:30, put the plunger back in and start plunging slowly. It should take 30 seconds to plunge down. Stop once you hear a hissing sound (the plunger will not be pressed completely, but this is okay).

Keep aeropress still while waiting

Step 7

Serve and Enjoy

Remove the plunger and give your coffee a swirl to distribute the sediments before pouring into your cup. Pour and enjoy!

Coffee brewed in an Aeropress is served in a cup

Step 8

Troubleshooting Tips

If ...
- your brew tastes bitter, grind coarser
- your brew tastes sour, grind finer
- your brew is too concentrated/intense/strong, pour more water
- your brew is too weak/watery, pour less water

Coffee cup sitting next to an empty decanter
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