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Seed to Cup

The coffee supply chain is a complex web of actors located all around the world, each serving a critical role in ensuring that roasters like Joe Coffee can deliver exceptional coffees to drinkers like you. Even before beans begin their travel from farms to cafes, there are many transformative steps that are critical to creating the unique flavors that we’ve all come to love. In our Seed to Cup presentation, you will learn about the life cycle of coffee, how it's produced and why coffees from various parts of the world can taste so different from one another, creating a broad spectrum of flavor. A few of the sections are focused on production aspects such as harvesting processing, drying and milling. Participants are encouraged to ask questions throughout the presentation to foster an open conversation and welcoming learning environment. This is a great class for any curious coffee enthusiast looking to learn more about dynamic pathways coffee takes from seed to cup. Please note: This class is held over Zoom. Dial-in details will be provided 24 hours prior to the start time of class. If you have any questions about this class, please feel free to reach us at classes@joecoffeecompany.com. Gifting this? Click here to send this as a gift.

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