One-Day Barista Workshop

For anyone interested in barista skills or knowing what it takes to produce your latte each morning, our One-Day Barista Workshop is the class for you! Students will cover all topics related to operating an espresso machine and making espresso-based drinks, including:

  • Dialing in a grinder
  • Pulling a shot of espresso
  • Steaming milk
  • Pouring latte art
  • Cleaning and maintaining equipment

The class will begin with an overview of espresso extraction, exploring the factors and variables that affect flavor. Students will learn the proper technique to dial in espresso and produce a delicious, balanced shot. Once we've found that ideal shot, the class will cover the science of steaming milk, discussing how we transform milk into a smooth, velvety latte texture, and how to pour latte art. The class culminates in learning how to put all of the skills together with a focus on learning how to construct drinks from beginning to end.

The One-Day Barista Workshop is a six-hour class with a one-hour lunch break. All materials are included and students are welcome to take photos and write down notes throughout the class. After the class, students will be able to purchase coffee and equipment at a 10% discount. No experience necessary.

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