Espresso Calibration: The Search for Specs

In this class we will use a 2lb bag of one of our Single Origin offerings to dial in on espresso. We will start with the classic recipe of 18 in - 36 out - 30 seconds, then adjust each element as a group decision and taste each espresso along the way. Ideally by the end of class we have found unique specs for a balanced taste. The goal is for folks to understand how changing dose and yield will affect the taste of espresso, and how we can use those concepts to our advantage to nail a perfect shot. This class will also highlight that each coffee is unique, and ideally needs its own parameters to shine.

Cancellation policy: We are happy to reschedule or refund your tickets up to 72-hours before your class. To do so please reach out to Requests closer to the class date will not be eligible for a refund or a class transfer.

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